Bucket type
Strainer A strainer is equipment installed in pipelines to remove debris from the pipeline flow during pre-commissioning tests and to protect the pump and other instruments during commercial operation. The debris is filtered as the fluid flows through the screen installed inside the strainer.
Bucket Strainer
Bucket A bucket strainer is applicable in case which in case a big-size filter is required or when the debris is has piled up. Flanged The flanged end is the most common end connection type for a bucket strainer.
◎:best ○:good △:middle X:bad
Category BC BL B1 BT B2 Bm
Size(Recommend) ½” ~12” 2”~24” 2”~24” 4”~80” 2”~84” 2”~24”
Rating(Recommend) 150LB~300LB
Body Press. Drop X
Plumbing installation ease X
Effective filter area & Cleaning cycle X
With the reinforcement X
Ease of maintenance
Housing and clearance of the filter