Conical type
Conical type
Conical strainer A conical strainer is temporary equipment used during pre-commissioning tests. It is low in cost and the housing and the screen are excellent in leakage prevention, but the difficult cleaning process makes it unsuitable to be used permanently. The flanged end is the most common end connection type for a conical strainer.
◎:best ○:good △:middle X:bad
Category CCi CCo CBi CBo CWi CWo F
Size(Recommend) 1” ~12” 2”~84” 8”~84” 4”~80”
Rating(Recommend) 150LB~600LB (In the case of more than 900 LB special)
Body Press. Drop
Plumbing installation ease
Effective filter area & Cleaning cycle X
With the reinforcement X X n/a
Ease of maintenance X X X X X
Housing and clearance of the filter