Duplex type
Usually one strainer is installed in each pump. Since two strainers are installed in a dual pump, the strainers can be cleaned alternately.(Cleaning may be alternated) In case where the flow shall not be interrupted If the flow may not be interrupted and one of the pumps needs to be operated continuously, a duplex strainer can be installed. Alternate cleaning of the pumps is possible without shutting down the pipeline. The flanged end is the most common end connection type for a duplex strainer.
◎:best ○:good △:middle X:bad
Category DC DH DD
Size(Recommend) ½” ~12” 2”~24” 2”~24”
Rating(Recommend) 150LB~600LB (In the case of more than 900 LB special)
Body Press. Drop
Plumbing installation ease X X
Effective filter area & Cleaning cycle
With the reinforcement X
Ease of maintenance
Housing and clearance of the filter