T3R, T3W type
T3R and T3W type strainers are the most common types installed in horizontal lines. Various effective screens were developed, adding value to T3R and T3W type strainers. These types can be installed in any type of pipelines. T3R is suitable for small-sized strainers and T3W for big-sized strainers or filters. Both BW and flanged ends are applicable as end connection types.
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Category T3R T3RP T3WV T3WW
Size(Recommend) 2”~24” 2”~24” 6”~100” 6”~100”
Rating(Recommend) 150LB~2500LB
Body Press. Drop
Plumbing installation ease
Effective filter area & Cleaning cycle
With the reinforcement
Ease of maintenance
Housing and clearance of the filter