Y type
The Y-type strainer is the oldest and the most widely used type of strainer. The small-sized Y-type strainer is suitable as a forged type, middle-sized as cast type and big-sized the large-sized as fabricated type. Y-type strainer can be installed in any type of pipelines. As for the end connection types, the SW end is recommended for forged Y-type strainers, the flanged end for cast Y-type strainers and the BW end for fabricated Y-type strainers.
◎:best ○:good △:middle X:bad
Category YF YC Y45 Y60R Y60F Y90
Size(Recommend) ½” ~2” 1/2”~12” 2”~24” 4”~24” 2”~24” 2”~24”
Rating(Recommend) 150LB~600LB 150LB~300LB 150LB~300LB 150LB~900LB 150LB~900LB 150LB~2500LB
Body Press. Drop X
Plumbing installation ease X
Effective filter area & Cleaning cycle X X
With the reinforcement X
Ease of maintenance
Housing and clearance of the filter